Light up your Libido with Frisky!

One of the least discussed symptoms of menopause is low Libido, which is why I set out to help change that. Frisky is designed to tackle low libido caused by the menopause. Our new, easy to take supplement is a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, mushrooms, Ayurvedic and natural Chinese remedies, that are known to boost libido, reduce stress and anxiety, and balance hormones.
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Simple and easy to take food supplements for brain wellness

Cognitively was created through personal necessity, following the search for a single cognitive product to help our founder's ADHD daughter.

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How Complex is your Brain?

Home to 100 Billion Neurons

Connected to 10,000 Neurons Each

The Cerebral Cortex alone contains 125 Trillion Synapses

Sitting on your shoulders, is the most complicated object in the known universe.

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"Cognitively’s supplements contains an effective blend of ingredients, all well known for their potential to develop and maintain brain wellness. They are a unique blend of potent, vitamins minerals, botanicals, nootropics & amino acids all in one supplement. Cognitively’s product has a long and powerful ingredients list, and really is unique.They are designed to help to maximise brain potential and limit cognitive decline. People who may benefit include the Neuro diverse, studying students, highly stressed professionals, and the elderly. Simple and easy to take food supplements can go a long way in complimenting a healthy varied diet to really bring out the best in you."SHONA WILKINSONREGISTERED NUTRITIONISTMEMBER OF BANT & CNHC


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