Our Story

It’s staggering how overlooked brain nutrition is. That’s where Cognitively is different.

Cognitively was created through personal necessity, following the search for a single cognitive product to help my daughter who was diagnosed with ADHD. We have succeeded in producing a potent performance enhancing Nootropic with the doses needed to make a real difference and all in one product and they taste great too!

Why was Cognitively started?

I’m the founder of Cognitively and a mum to two daughters.  My youngest teenager was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 14.  We spent a couple of years trying different medications.  The medication works academically, but also gave her terrible anxiety, which she was then given further medication for.

When lockdown happened we stopped both medications and after a few weeks my daughter was back, and that was when we decided to turn to natural supplements instead, and my research began.  It showed that firstly there was no supplement that had everything in it that I wanted, and secondly that ADHD often need more of the ingredients than the rest of the population.  As an example many ADHD people are deficient in Dopamine.  To give my daughter what she needed would have involved around 15 tablets, which is simply not sustainable.

Interestingly, although it was developed for my daughter, it quickly became clear, how many other people it could help.  Generally anyone that struggles with issues of mental clarity including baby brain, menopause, Covid brain and senior moments to name a few should be taking supplements.  My daughter now only takes her medication at pinch points such as a deadline or exam and this works perfectly.

How does Cognitively work?

Brain wellness is largely overlooked, despite it being the most complicated part of our body. We use supplements to boost immunity and protect our skin but often forget about our ageing brain.

Cognitively’s supplements contains an effective blend of ingredients, all well known for their potential to develop and maintain brain wellness. They are a unique blend of potent, vitamins minerals, botanicals, and amino acids all in one supplement. Cognitively’s product has a long and powerful ingredients list and really is unique.

They are designed to help to maximise brain potential and limit cognitive decline. People who may benefit include the Neuro diverse, studying students, highly stressed professionals, and the elderly. Simple and easy to take food supplements can go a long way in complimenting a healthy varied diet to really bring out the best in you.

Are you feeding your brain correctly?