What affects libido in menopausal women?

Libido is a term that is commonly used to describe sexual drive or a desire for sexual activity. So what affects a libido during the menopause?


When you've not had enough sleep it can cause your libido to plummet. This includes tiredness due to illness, insomnia, hot flushes and poor immunity.


Vaginal dryness and thinning of tissues can make sex painful, and decrease your desire to get...well, frisky!


It's no secret stress can pre-occupy our minds, but it can also lower your libido. Teenagers, work and brain fog, money worries can all cause stress.


Some medication can also cause low libido including antidepressants and hormonal contraception.


If you're not feeling happy in yourself, this can also be a cause for low libido. oestrogen regulates mood, and emotions, which can be affected by menopause.

So how can we fix it? 

Recognising what triggers low libido is the first step to helping you light it back up.

If you're worried, first and foremost having a conversation with a health professional should always be the first step. Remember that it's nothing to be embarrassed about, we all like to get Frisky - it's human nature!

In the meantime...

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