Our Story

Brain nutrition is staggeringly overlooked. That’s where Cognitively is different.

Cognitively was created through personal necessity, following the search for a single cognitive product to help our founder's ADHD daughter. Not only have we succeeded in producing a potent performance-enhancing Nootropic, but we provide them in a dose needed to make a real difference and all in one product. 

Brain Science

The average adult brain contains around one hundred billion brain cells, each connected to 1,000 others.

That’s 100 trillion connections (synapses) that need the correct nutrients. Our brains continually change throughout life. Developing in childhood and into adult life, the pressures of work and family build up over time. Before, finally, we enter old age and oxidative decline. 

Brain Food

Many of us readily take supplements and creams to protect what we can see, such as our skin or hair.

However, the brain and its complexity are often taken for granted. All organs, including the brain, need nutrients. These can be hormones, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Whether these nutrients are available to us and in what quantity also changes throughout our lives.